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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Yesterday we worked down at the Arcade again, despite the heavy rains and ever-shortening days. As well as revisiting some of the things we had explored last time, we started to link some of the vignettes together. These photos show Nadia and Kelli exploring what it means to do some of the phrases we made in the studio on the Weybosset portico. Inherently, the material changes - both logistically (some of the spacing has to be altered) and psychologically (it means something very different to catch your weight on a stone step rather than on a studio floor, for example).

 I have asked all of the participants to do a free-write capturing some of their impressions and ideas about the place, and because I am working with an amazing set of people, they said they would be happy to. Here is the first of them from Amy:

Winding, circular, rusty, ornate, level changes, dim, dark and light simultaneously, dirty, downtown, a big deal back in the day, expressive, lost in the crowd. Should be better taken care of. Has its own personality. Will forever link the arcade to Elise. How do I make dance relate to architecture?

I also asked the dancers to take some time to pay attention to the space and experiment with using their experiences of the place to create some movement material. They came up with some great material, and I had Nadia teach what she came up with and played with some compositional ideas. 

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