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Thursday, October 6, 2011

At the RIHPHC (cont.)

As I mentioned in the last post, my visit to the Rhode Island Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission (RIHPHC) was both an engagement with some of the archived material about the Arcade, and a chance to have another conversation about the Arcade. My conversation with Sarah covered a variety of topics- both personal recollections and historic preservation perspectives on the Arcade- as Sarah grew up in Providence, and has worked for the RIHPHC for the past eleven years.

In addition to getting to hear some wonderful stories about Sarah's involvement with the Arcade as a teenager, Sarah and I had an interesting conversation about the imaginative potential of the Arcade, and its place in the preservation community in Providence.


To round this post off, here is one of my favourite photos that came from the RIHPHC file:

A woman looks over the second floor balcony at the north end of the Arcade (the Westminster street side). 1957. Photo credit: Providence Journal-Bulletin. Negative at the RIHPHC.

Also in the file is the photo used as the background of this blog:
Interior of the Arcade, looking north from the third floor balcony. 1957. Photo credit: Providence Journal-Bulletin. Negative at the RIHPHC.


  1. How can I view the picture in the background?
    Thank you,

  2. The background image can be viewed here. I also updated the post to include an image from the RIHPHC file taken from a similar vantage point.